About Us

Since 2016 MSV’s team has grown to 25 staff responsible for delivering a range of services to support businesses who deliver programs, destinations and experiences. When clients outsource to MSV they can focus  all their resources on program excellence and experience activation.

Our History

In 2016 MSV saw a welcome opportunity to support plant medicine therapy by contributing to the emerging spiritual growth and transformation space especially in niche areas like healing centres, wellness retreats and personal growth programs. Unlike generic hotel and all-inclusive conglomerates, these businesses often had difficulty securing marketing, product development and technology expertise.

The founders of MSV saw how they could make an important difference in the space they were passionate about – combine sector expertise with an offering of services for businesses to outsource.  This meant that operators could now focus on delivering ultimate client experiences and programs while easily tapping into the marketing, product and technological expertise necessary to grow and scale their businesses.

What We Do

MSV’s core team will develop and manage a custom service plan, then tap into a roster of experts-on-demand to deliver services in the following areas:

Product strategy, product conceptualization and launch, marketing, customer acquisition and retention, content development, social media, PR, web design and development, search engine optimization, inbound telephone sales and customer service. 

Additionally, technology services provided by MSV include full stack technology strategy, IT consulting, data and analytics and payment processing.

Our Clients

Organizations delivering programs, experiences and travel in the spiritual and wellness tourism sector can turn to MSV for marketing, product and technology support at any point in their life cycle. Outsourcing in this way frees up important resources so that operators can focus on creating and delivering perfect customer experiences.

Rythmia Life Advancement Center

Resort Hotel In Hacienda Pinilla, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

A world-renowned, all-inclusive life advancement and fully-licenced center offering the Rythmia Way Program – a holistic blend of ancient wisdom and modern practices, weaving together plant medicine ceremonies, yoga, meditation, breathwork, and integrative classes – that guides guests towards healing and their highest potential.

Rythmia Residences

Housing development in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

An exclusive spiritual community attracting individuals committed to personal transformation and global impact. Comprised of exquisite homes in an innovative setting, the property offers an opportunity for conscious investment while the daily practices including meditation, breathwork, yoga and plant medicine ceremonies create a unique living experience for the residents.