MSV is a travel and full service digital agency
specializing in the area of wellness and spiritual experiences.

Since 2016 MSV has been building marketing, sales, product and technology success for businesses in this fast-growing and exciting sector.

Today, MSV serves operators such as healing retreats, personal transformation programs, communities dedicated to growth and change, and spiritual experiential destinations.

These organizations outsource some or all of their marketing, product and technology functions to us. It all makes for a healthy fit.

Clients are free to focus on what they do best — delivering optimal experiences and programs —  while MSV looks after the rest.

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Our Mission

We are committed to empowering programs, experiences and organizations dedicated to planetary healing, individual transformation and personal growth.

We steadfastly believe that elevating human consciousness to resonate with the frequency of Love is not just vital, but an urgent imperative to forge a more equitable and sustainable world for all beings.

MSV clients can focus on what they do best, delivering optimal experiences and programs, while MSV looks after the rest.